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We help emerging, growth-stage and mature franchise brands scale their teams by recruiting candidates based on the brand’s strategic goals, budget, and overall growth plans.


We will work with you to evaluate your needs, define and provide guidance on future roles, and discuss overall compensation & benefits packages.


We source both passive and confidentially active candidates that will be the right fit for your team based on skill sets, experience, methodologies, and overall fit.

Phone Screening

We take this time-consuming aspect of recruiting off your plate. We speak with many candidates to find the few that are the right fit for your brand at your current stage.


We know franchising and the questions to ask that flesh out knowledge, thought processes, Franchise EQ, and more in topics such as Marketing, Operations, Real Estate, Construction, and Sales.


We coordinate interviews, background checks, reference checks, follow-up with candidates, and guide the overall process. You simply hit yes to the calendar invite and review the candidate profile.


Together we will define the ideal handoff, and support the candidate’s transition out of their current role into your brand; hitting the ground running on the designated start date.

Work with franchise recruiters

Who Know The Industry

Franchise Recruiting and Franchise Executive Search are at the core of what we do. But before the life of recruiting Tim Katsch lived as the Director, VP, and EVP role in Operations, Real Estate, Development, and Marketing for an emerging franchise brand. He did field visits, ran franchise advisory councils, sourced real estate, oversaw construction, worked on marketing projects, ran discovery days, and prepared items in the FDD.

Our goal as franchise recruiters is to acquire talent that delivers exponential value year after year. We do this by being masters of the franchise market, knowing what questions to ask, knowing the brands that operate in the franchise space, and the individual candidates that make up those companies. In turn, we find the perfect fit!

Our promise is not to be the jack of all trades. Rather we will focus our franchise executive search by shining light on the right places in the franchise industry to identify, attract, evaluate, and land top talent in Franchising.

We are heavily focused on data-driven decisions and digital means to communicate with the right candidates. In franchising, we have identified what we call “magnifiers” that franchise professionals present on paper, in person, and in the way they speak about the industry. We strongly believe that making a transition is not easy. Coaching we found was the best tool to support candidates in resignation, transitions and then onboarding onto a new brand. Technology, Magnifiers and Coaching set us apart from other Executive Search and Recruiting Firms.

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Have piece of mind with

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Right Fit Guarantee

A guarantee period with all candidates as they transition into your team

Rates For Growing Brands

We want to make recruiting accessible to all brands from emerging to mature

Retainer As Low as $500

For as little as $500 we can start our search together. With no further payments until a placement is made

Flexible Payment Options

The full recruiting fee is not due upfront. We fund it for you over a series of months

join the success & Grow Your Franchise Team

Meet our Success Stories

International Fitness Franchise

International Fitness Brand had 2023 goals to develop the US market. Through our franchise hire program we assisted the brand in finding a Director of Franchise Sales who has since double the footprint in the states. This team member is a critical part of the brand expansion plan and leading the charge for the international team.

Youth Sports Franchise

Youth Sports platform company who was growing locations across multiple sports brands. They set out to hire a Senior Marketing team member to support various marketing functions from design and marketing calendars to writing GO playbooks and liaising with key marketing vendors. We identified a senior marketing manager from a platform retail brand that was the perfect fit for their team and strategic goals.

Child Daycare Franchise

A brick and mortar child daycare franchise was looking for a senior real estate team member to help refine and lead the site selection process. The goal was to locate sites faster, land in the ideal location, and minimize the zoning process. We sourced, interviewed, and vetted a large selection of candidates to find the right VP of Real Estate for their stage of growth.

Finanical Services Franchise

Financial Services / Cost Mitigation franchise was looking for an already great operations person. We call it the Swiss army knife role. We located an Operations Manager who has an ops mindset, an extremely high level of EQ, great project management skills and is reliable to a T. The executive team loves this team member and said its the perfect cultural fit.

Pet Care Brand

Pet Care Company located in the northeast aimed to expand the leadership team of their 15+ acre training, boarding and grooming facility. We recruited a local candidate who had the skills and experience to deliver on tactical expectations and had the leadership mindset and cultural alignment to incorporate into and lead the team.

Studio Fitness Franchise

Studio Style Fitness Brand looking for a strong operations team member to lead franchisee support and studio growth. Through our franchise hire program, we located a team member with a strong cultural fit; five years of regional-level experience, and five years of franchise business coaching experience who will lead operational support, maintain brand consistency, and drive AUV growth across new and existing units.

Locate Top Franchise Talent

With Our Sourcing & Recruiting Expertise

Expand Your possibilities

With a Franchise Recruiter

Extend Your Search Beyond Job Boards

When working with a Franchise Executive Search and Recruiting agency your search goes beyond just job boards. You gain the ability to reach a larger pool of candidates. Some who might not have been looking.

Franchise career opportunities posted to job boards will receive interest from active candidates. These are people currently not employed or looking to make a transition. The advantage of working with a franchise executive search firm or franchise recruiter is you have the ability to reach out to passive candidates. These are candidates who have good jobs, get paid well and at the moment are not actively looking. These are top performers you may not traditionally have the ability to contact. A recruiter can source, reach out and present your brand as the next step in their career to align the candidate’s aspirations and the client’s perfect fit. 

Meet More Franchise People Where They Are

We go to franchise events, we review franchise media, we connect on social media, and we have conversations with franchise people every day.

Simply put our daily mission is to meet new franchise friends and build strong meaningful relationships with the franchise community so that we have to ability to connect great franchise people with great organizations.

Leverage Technology To Give Your Brand An Edge

Franchise Hire Recruiting Intelligence platform enables us to source candidates, connect with candidates, and bring them to your brand sooner (Before they interview with your competitor).

Our Franchise Hire Recruiting Platform is an ATS and Sourcing Software made up of Publicly Available Data; API Data Enrichment from job board partners and Premium Data Sets purchased from Data Aggregators. Simply put we find a needle in the haystack by finding the largest haystacks and setting them on fire. What remains is the top franchise talent to choose from. 

Get Excited to Build Your Franchise Team

The Recruitment process is easy!


Schedule a Free Intro Call

We connect to learn more about your brand, location, and overall goals. Additionally, we will share and answer questions about our recruiting process and what it would look like to work together.


Role Spec Meeting

Typically held via Zoom this is a detailed meeting where we will lead the conversation through a series of questions to help define the position, outline the ideal avatar candidate, and learn more about the goals you want this position to achieve.


Position Profile

After our meeting, we will condense our notes, perform positional research, and draft a position profile. This is a document we use to refine the candidate profile and share it with potential candidates so they can learn more about the brand and the role. Think of it as a robust job description.


Research & Sourcing

Leveraging our network, technology, and experience we will research the market, source candidates, and present the opportunity to them. 



Our daily mission is to evaluate candidates and how they align with the role and goals of your company. At the same time helping candidates determine if a opportunity is a right fit for them and their career path.



Once we have identified candidates that have completed our interview process and that align with location, compensation, and skillset we will share further details and arrange in-person interviews with your leadership team.



In this stage, we will support validating credentials through reference conversations, and background checks.



In this step, we assist in providing an offer to a candidate, explaining the compensation structure and basic benefits, clarifying questions they may have, negotiating final terms, and digitally signing the offer letter.



You have found the right fit for your brand. From here we will keep communicating with the candidate and support them in transitioning out of their current role into their new role.

We Are A Franchise People Brand

Supporting An Industry in Recruiting, Transitioning and Discovering New Opportunities

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Franchise Executive Search & Franchise Team Recruiting

This is a detailed exploratory process to become intimate with your organization, and its long-term and short-term plans. Then we research, source, evaluate and land the candidate who is right for your team and goals.

Franchise Team Recruiting Franchise Executive Search and Franchise Recruiting Group Image

Outplacement & Career Transition Service

Resume Writing, Career Coaching, or Interview Preparation.

Franchise Job Board of Curated Franchise Listings

A curated list of publicly placed jobs within the franchise industry. We scour the internet so you don't have to.

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The franchise industry is vast. Search the galaxy with a Partner.

Top talent in franchising means the ones who can propel your company into the future. If you don’t find these A players; your competition will. Talent compounds for or against you. Having a partner in building your team can change which side you are on.

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Common Questions

We are here to support the franchise industry. We welcome any questions in regard to the industry. Some common questions in regard to Franchise Recruiters or Franchise Executive Search are:

We have four primary sources for where candidates come into our purview

1) Connection Calls & Meetings

2) Referrals From Network

3) Franchise Events

4) Sourcing 

Having a plan for when new hires will occur is key. Traditionally this will begin with your three forecast and refined in your one year budget. From here you can determine what quarter this new hire would ideally start. While a traditional recruitment process will take between 30 – 60 days its best to start conversations in advance. This will allow a recruiter to keep an eye open and put confidential feelers out, so when the time comes you can hit the ground running.

With every recruiting engagement comes a Right Fit Guarantee. This means that if it’s not the right fit for either party we will replace a candidate for no additional fee. 

Working with a recruiter will vary from depending on the recruiting company and the industry. In the franchise industry we have seen fees ranging from 18% to 35% of first years compensation. Franchise Hire is on a mission to make recruiting obtainable to all franchisors. With that said for our traditional guarantee our fee for Management and Director level searches is 22% 

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