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We specialize in recruiting within the franchise industry. Our focus is not solely on executive search. We love the recruiting segment in the 80K to 200K range. For emerging brands, these are the key people that will enable you to accelerate, provide exceptional support, and grow brand recognition. This salary band is also where mature brands will have the most team members and the ability to have a mass impact. It’s the totality of this team that enables a mature brand to continue to scale and provide exceptional support.

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Values We Live By

Our mission is to achieve your goal in the franchise search process. We will not leave any rock unturned.

Clients want to find the very best franchise industry talent. Candidates want to find a home, feel valued, and grow within their careers. In creating our recruiting agency we coach candidates and clients in a cohesive exploration to find the perfect fit.

We will be straightforward and transparent so we can achieve a common goal. We ask a lot of questions because we seek to understand before we act.

Recruiting is not about what you get but what you give to the industry. We frequently ask for help, referrals, and guidance from our franchise industry peers. Conversely, when someone asks for our support in the franchise industry we provide it for the greater good, not for the bottom dollar.

If we commit to something consider us committed. If something is going slower or more difficult than usual we will let you know and bring in any resources we need to get the job done. 

We create life-long partners in the franchise industry. We got your back and will go to bat for you.


Franchise Hire Founder

Meet Tim Katsch

Tim Katsch is a former Franchise Executive who has built real estate, operations, marketing, and finance teams. He has held positions ranging from Director to Executive Vice President. Finding an executive recruiter and franchise team recruiter with hands-on P&L experience, company scaling experience and brand leadership is not an asset all executive search and recruiting firms in Franchising have.


Tim started his academic career focusing on economics; this led to a life of looking at human interactions through the lens of maximizing utility. He moved into a career in training and development, which grew into executive roles within retail services and the franchise industry. Along that journey, no matter what industry he was in, it was the people that were the key to business success. 

Franchisor to Recruiter

After 5 years with K9 Resorts (Franchisor), Tim exited as the Executive Vice President to pursue his dream; which is very similar to many franchisees. To own, operate and scale their own business. In looking back at his career in franchising thus far he was most proud of the people he hired, coached, and had the privilege to work alongside. Finding great people was the IT factor with K9 and with prior companies. Everyone hired over the 5-year span is still with the company and has each grown within their roles. Combining the IT factor with Tim’s connections to the franchise industry, and the support of recruiting mentors started the creation of Franchise Hire. Created by franchise people, for franchise people to connect great people to great brands. 
Tim Katsch Franchise Excecutive Search and Franchise Recruiter

Tim is proud to be affiliated with such amazing universities, organization and action networks.

Advisory Council Member – Transformative Leadership Seton Hall University

The Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times Program at the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business helps you innovate through digital transformation by identifying the value in emerging technologies, business models, and resources at your organization. Combining industry thought leaders and top academic faculty, Transformative Leadership develops your understanding of a range of topics and skills to navigate a turbulent environment and emerge with a competitive advantage.

Board of Governors IFA International Franchise Association - Franchise Executive Search

Board Of Governors Member Institute Of Certified Franchise Executives (IFA)

The Board of Governors for the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives supports the International Franchise Association in reviewing content, testing platforms, creating course outlines and discussing ideas as the IFA grows and invests in the education arm of the franchise industry.

Franchise Action Network Participant as Franchise Executive Search and Franchise Recruiter Supplier

Franchise Action Network Member

Tim Katsch has been a participant with the Franchise Action Network  for over five years representing the state of New Jersey.

The Franchise Action Network (FAN) stand alongside nearly 100,000 advocates nationwide who are dedicated to creating and protecting jobs, supporting businesses in their local communities and highlighting how franchising is helping America recover and reopen. 

Throughout the year FAN members will write to their local congressional leaders about important topics that impact the franchise industry. Each year Tim Katsch attends the Washington D.C. fly in, head to Capital Hill and meet with Senate and House representatives to discuss legislation that impacts the franchise industry.

Certified Franchise Executive Tim Katsch Franchise hire

Certified Franchise Executive (CFE)​

Tim received his certificated franchise executive (CFE) designation. The CFE is the most recognized designation and educational authority within the franchise industry. The CFE program has an array of course offerings in franchise management, leadership, and small business in order to gain insights into franchise strategy and operations.


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